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Do you think honey can kill that nicotine?

December 19 2015, 18:04pm

Posted by Dans Mon Site

Do you think honey can kill that nicotine?

Honeybees possess venom that is useful to treat quite a few diseases in this world. One such treatment is to bring down and finally bring a full stop to craving for using cigarettes.

About 205 years back, a genius physician named Samuel Haneman formulated a homeopathic medicine based on 3 simple rules: collect the venom of the bee; use in extremely minimal amounts and last a regular intake of this medicine can prevent a lot of inflammatory problems and increases your immunity.

According to research conducted by World Health Organization, it has the power to cure fever, flu, colic and so on... This humble venom is a relief and solution to ‘n’ number of health problems. Moreover, research shows that it fights harmful toxins that attack humans and our environment today.

Over the years, doctors have found that the venom obtained from honeybees can be the most effective cure to cess smoking tendencies in humans. It should be taken in very small quantities and as prescribed by homeopathic doctors. Read further to know what this venom is.

How can it fight a cigarette?

You must be thinking how this is possible. Well, of course it is and this is the explanation for this. Cigarettes contain a hidden villain known as nicotine. When you smoke a cigarette, the drug enables an increased movement of blood into our brain. This tricks the brain to encourage our body to take in more nicotine.

The more you smoke, the more you become happy, and moods get lifted for no reason. But the moment, you withdraw from this action, you become depressed, low, no taste in your mouth and such negative feelings arise in you.

Due to this, many smokers do not say goodbye to such a bad habit. Only once they reach a stage when their health is in danger, they try to quit, but that is now very easy. An easier way, is to try the bee technique.

Whenever you feel like smoking, prepare this mixture and drink it. Then enjoy your cigarette. Make a mix of ½- 1 teaspoon of lemon and 11/2 teaspoons of honey and about 8 tablespoons of boiled and cooled water. This mixture should be drunk every time you feel like going for a smoke.

Now what happens?

Honey will be first absorbed into the brain and the nicotine toxins will be blocked. Secondly, the honey is sweet and so naturally your tongue will detest the bitter taste of tobacco. Slowly, your craving for nicotine will diminish.

Note: This method is not suitable for diabetic people.

Now, for acute smokers, you need to take a bee sting twice or thrice a day repeatedly for about 20 days. This is a very quick approach and works very well with no side effects.

Before trying any method, consult your doctor and then go ahead with this natural treatment to break free from the deadly web of nicotine.

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