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Finding Happiness Through Yoga!

January 20 2016, 16:23pm

Posted by Ukokeha


Of all the possible aims and benefits of a yogi, finding ultimate happiness is the least explored in modern era. People see yoga as a mere tool of weight reduction or stress buster. They fail to look into the depth of real yoga, to find real happiness.

yoga.jpg (615×409)Before realizing the way to happiness, we will try to explain what happiness is. Well, what is it?? Our first answer might be that happiness is a feeling of joy when an achievement of material asset is fulfilled. We feel happy when we get a new dress, when we eat our favorite dish or when we seea good movie. But does that gain of worldly pleasure give you the ultimate long lasting happiness? Just imagine eating your favorite dish all through the day for a week; ice cream for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner...It won’t take you long to acknowledge material possessions as temporary happiness-makers.

If happiness isn’t coming from outside, then it must be from within us. Where within us? – let us think a little more subtle, a little slower. Bring out a slow replay of doing something happy. Think of those moments you spend happily with your loved ones and we can see that we have slowed down our other activities at that moment. Slowing down our pace of life is that ability each of us needs to attain to reach the state of supreme bliss. Take a few minutes every day to step aside from the fast flowing life. Slow down your physical and mental activities; slow down your breath and thoughts. You will feel at ease and start to acknowledge the silence settling around you. At least for a millisecond of time, your whole body and mind stay still, immersed in no thoughts, in pure silence… Silence brings us happiness. While having ice cream, just when the moment it touches our taste buds, we forget everything else and we acquire a similar state of happiness.

Silence is the key to happiness and Yoga is the technique to slow down and attain silence. Being a yogi gives you the remote of your mind; you could slow down when you feel like, you could pace up when you need so. Enjoy slowing down… Enjoy Yoga…

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