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Posts with #health

8 mistakes in weight loss work-out

March 3 2016, 09:10am

Posted by Ukokeha

Work-out is a safe way to lose weight. Being hurry to have a good shape; however, many people are easy to make those following mistakes. Wrong warm-up It’s very boring when you only sit on the carpet and do ineffective warm-up. Walking and skipping...

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Finding Happiness Through Yoga!

January 20 2016, 16:23pm

Posted by Ukokeha

HAPPINESS THROUGH YOGA Of all the possible aims and benefits of a yogi, finding ultimate happiness is the least explored in modern era. People see yoga as a mere tool of weight reduction or stress buster. They fail to look into the depth of real yoga,...

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Do you think honey can kill that nicotine?

December 19 2015, 18:04pm

Posted by Dans Mon Site

Honeybees possess venom that is useful to treat quite a few diseases in this world. One such treatment is to bring down and finally bring a full stop to craving for using cigarettes. About 205 years back, a genius physician named Samuel Haneman formulated...

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